Summer resolution

May 09, 2017 Michelle Young

Summer is just around the corner and 2017 has kept me busy so far. My summer resolution is to work on the website and get everything updated. Adding new products daily and bringing over products from the Etsy shop. It may seem like a relatively easy task, however it is always hard to carve out time. Production and shipping keep me busy during the day in the studio. Evenings are reserved for family time and new product design. Weekends you'll usually find me working in the studio and living life. So here is to summer...making a resolution and goal come to life....

81 Days till Christmas 2016

October 04, 2016 Michelle Young

It's hard to think Christmas is only 81 days away when we have not celebrated Halloween or Thanksgiving yet. Frightening, scary, exciting and magical are a couple of thoughts that come to mind. I absolutely love the holidays. Any holiday really, but most of all Christmas. As an online boutique owner who produces much of what I offer to my clients, I have to plan ahead. Ideally, you should start planning Christmas in February (yes, right after Christmas). 2016 has and is BUSY. It has been difficult to carve out the time to plan ahead and get new products listed. ...